Lea Lund & Erik K


LEA LUND and ERIK K met in July 2011. Since then, Lea photographs Erik from head to toe and from every angle. Through the streets of Lausanne, Paris, Marseille, Arles, Rotterdam, Sevilla, Berlin, London, New York, Lubumbashi or Kinshasa, the photograph and the model walk together, looking for locations and situations. One can follow this way their peregrinations in these countries where are their home, their friends, their origin. Switzerland, – as deliciously shifted from today’s life  as also is the dandy himself –, France, Holland, Congo, from where Erik is. The scenery is sometimes constrainted re-invented, or turned into the one of a museum by human beings: grotto, stuffed animals. Their photographies have been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Germany and Africa.

Still in a shifted , timeless way – of the eternal theme of this couple: Lea will untiringly photograph Erik, her muse, her companion, her partner in their roving; in Berlin, Roma, New York, mythical cities. Erik is always present, but the real subject of their pictures is the scenery where they stay. The more they move away from these places, the more they look close to them. This way, when they are standing at their building entrance for instance, they look like there are far away from here.